Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hi All,

Continuing in the series of sensory activities, but taking a break from "flubber-type" concoctions, I'm going to show you how to create mosaics with eggshells.
I am an avid baker and cook, and use a lot of eggs.  Not one to waste materials, I wash out the eggshells, take out the thin membrane attached to the shell wall, let them dry and now have a lovely (free) art material.

To crush eggshells you need:
-clean eggshells
-mortar and pestle (dollar store item)
-black or dark blue heavy paper

After they are crushed, you can make designs with glue and then sprinkle the eggshells over the design.  Tap excess eggshells and then you have your eggshell design.

Eggshells can be as small as you like. Glue whatever shape you desire.



Shake off the excess shells. 

Note: The colorful picture was achieved by soaking the eggshells in a solution of water, a few drops of food coloring and an ounce of rubbing alcohol (helps with the absorption of color.) For best results, soak overnight, then scoop out the eggshells to dry.  When they are fully dry, they can be used in mosaics.

Have fun!