Sunday, November 15, 2015

For my next few posts, we will demonstrate how to make and use sensory materials which are alternatives to play dough.  Don't get me wrong.  Homemade play dough is fantastic and I will provide recipes for a few of my favorites.  But, we will start with a crazy, squishy substance called "Flubber."

To make flubber you need:
-  1 cup Elmer's school glue
- 1/2 cup Linit laundry starch (found in detergent section of supermarket)
-food coloring (optional)

*These measurements are approximate.  You have to play around with the proportions until you reach the desired texture.


    Pour glue into bowl

  Add some laundry starch

    Mix around with your hands

It will be gooey, slimy, stretchy and sticky

               Keep molding it until consistency is a ball that holds together well.  If it feels too            sticky, add a little laundry starch.  If it feels too stringy, add a little glue.

 We like to hide spiders and try to find them!

Poking around for the little devils

  Got  it!

       Now we'll hide beads.  Looks like a cookie!

And of course, we like to stretch it

and cut it

  It becomes translucent when you stretch it out
 Have fun!


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