Saturday, November 7, 2015

Today I will describe a fun sensory activity that involves breathing.  The set-up is easy and makes use of items found around the house.

Note: Before you start the water activity, make sure the child understands the difference between blowing into and sucking up water. Have them practice blowing air through the straw and feeling it on their hand.  

Blowing Bubbles with Straws
You will need:

-drinking straws
-pint size container
-dish detergent
-food color

Pour about two inches of water into a pint container.  Using a straw, demonstrate to the child how to blow into water.  There will be a little bubble action

After the child tries this a few times, add about 10 drops of dish detergent.  The child will be delighted at how the bubbles multiply.

Lots of bubbles!

You can then add some food coloring to make the bubbles stand out even more.

Kids will delight in their ability to make the bubbles keep going...and going... and going!  

 The act of  blowing bubbles is very calming and organizes a child's sensory system.  It helps children to breathe a little deeper automatically. This results in more muscle activity in the trunk which in turn results in more awareness and posture in the trunk.  This postural and movement awareness, also called proprioceptive information helps a child focus his/her attention more easily.  But you don't have to tell them all that.  Kids will just find bubble blowing extremely fun.

In my next post, I will show you another breathing using pompoms.  Stay tuned...

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